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blondie. offers.....Peace of mind.

Say "I Do" to a Bridal Styling trial!

In the search of a Wedding Day Beauty Expert many Brides hear about a trial and inquire, "Why do I need a trial?". A bridal trial serves many purposes. The most important reason for it is to simply try out the look that you want for your wedding day, see if its the perfect look. Doing this eliminates any kind of stress about your look, the wonder if it will be the right one will be gone. This gives you total peace of mind about it and going into the day you and your stylist will know exactly what will be happening with your style, keeping you relaxed and on schedule for events to come.

Hes got that lovin' feelin'!

We all dream everything from flowers, to dresses, and all the way to our beauty styling when planning a wedding. Have you thought about what you want him to think when he sees you for the very first time as his Bride? This is a question I ask all of my Brides, In one word, what do you want HIM to say in his mind when he sees you? That word is what directs my work for you. It describes exactly what I need to do for you to make him think and feel exactly what you want him to.

Wonderful wedding morning

Beauty is calling all of you Brides To Be! Have you thought as far as your wedding day stylist? Picture this....Wake up in the morning, relaxing in your fuzzy socks with a coffee or mimosa in hand, your bridesmaids arrive with breakfast and the doorbell rings promptly at a scheduled time. At the door is ready to beautify YOU and your entire bridal party from head to toe. No need to leave the house, worry about traffic or pay for costly gas to get somewhere for services. These are just a few perks of hiring
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